Danziger Philosophy

Our mission statement is, quite simply, the creation of

Extraordinary Glass

To achieve this objective we have adopted the following corporate policies:

  1. To provide all necessary services our clients may require to arrange all designer glass work through Danziger.
  2. To make the process fun for our clients and allow them to be as involved in the design as they wish to be.
  3. To ensure our clients’ goals and requirements are always our top priorities.
  4. To use our skills to interpret our clients’ taste rather than inflicting our taste on our clients.
  5. To ensure that our clients are aware of their options and understand exactly what is proposed prior to proceeding.
  6. To treat each project, regardless of scale, professionally with attention to detail and a focus on quality.
  7. To make each piece unique, within the guidelines provided by our clients.
  8. To constantly exceed our clients’ expectations.

We look forward to having the opportunity to demonstrate our strong commitment to our philosophy!

Danziger Story

Our goal at Danziger Designer Glass Studio is to demonstrate that unique solutions in glass can be provided in a cost effective and practical way. Danziger explores the creative use of glass as a design medium to create extraordinary glass work at ordinary prices.

Whether it is furniture, lighting or sculptural work, windows, doors, entryways or the entire facade of a building, interior feature walls, mirrors or even blown glass and signage, Danziger will take your project from concept to completion. We have had great success with small projects as well as large architectural installations while tightly adhering to our clients’ schedule and budget.

Danziger’s multidisciplinary team of professionals work directly with the client or collaborate with other design professionals to develop the concept and produce the final design. Upon approval of the design, our production artists complete the work in our shop. When installation is required, our professional crews will deliver and install the work to the required specifications.

Danziger utilizes a constantly expanding list of techniques including sandblasting, beveling, carving, blown glass, glass overlay, fusing, kiln forming, film applications and traditional stained glass. Many of our techniques are unique to our company. We frequently combine several techniques in one project or even a single piece to produce the desired aesthetic results.

We also offer design and fabrication services in metal, wood and other materials, as well as electrical work to complement our glass.

We invite you to tour Danziger’s gallery where you may stimulate your imagination, view samples of our work and examine case studies of hundreds of completed projects.

Danziger Name

danziger name explained

Danziger derives their name from the free port city of Danzig, where antique glass and blown glass have been made for hundreds of years. The antique stained glass made in Danzig or a person from Danzig are each referred to as Danziger. The city is now a part of Poland and has changed it’s name to Gdansk.