Danziger Philosophy

Our mission statement is, quite simply, the creation of

Extraordinary Glass

To achieve this objective we have adopted the following corporate policies:

  1. To provide all necessary services our clients may require to arrange all designer glass work through Danziger.
  2. To make the process fun for our clients and allow them to be as involved in the design as they wish to be.
  3. To ensure our clients’ goals and requirements are always our top priorities.
  4. To use our skills to interpret our clients’ taste rather than inflicting our taste on our clients.
  5. To ensure that our clients are aware of their options and understand exactly what is proposed prior to proceeding.
  6. To treat each project, regardless of scale, professionally with attention to detail and a focus on quality.
  7. To make each piece unique, within the guidelines provided by our clients.
  8. To constantly exceed our clients’ expectations.

We look forward to having the opportunity to demonstrate our strong commitment to our philosophy!